Top Cities To Visit On A Morocco Travel Package

MICE in Morocco

Morocco is an absolutely stunning country filled with loads to see and do. In fact, there is so much to see, do and experience that it can be hard to know where to go when you’re visiting.

In this short article, we’re going to let you know all about the top cities that you need to visit when you book your Morocco travel package. Whether you’re here for a few days or a few weeks, here are the top cities to visit on a Morocco travel package holiday.

Visit Marrakech

If you’re only spending a short length of time in Morocco, then we highly recommend visiting or staying in Marrakech, the capital of Morocco. The city is beautiful and is a true representation of Moroccan culture. It is the most popular Moroccan city to visit and attracts lots of tourists. Boasting a lively culture, great food and some wonderful markets, you won’t be disappointed with a visit to Marrakech.

You can find lots of Morocco tour operators throughout the city who will be able to take you on Morocco tours and show you around. You can find tours that show you the wonderful city as well as finding many Morocco desert tour guides who will take you out into the desert for a once in a life time experience.

Scout Out Tangier

Tangier is a very beautiful city that is very distinctly Moroccan. If authenticity is what you’re after when you’re on a Morocco travel package holiday, then you won’t want to miss out. Tangier offers some delicious eateries and quaint markets filled with local crafts and fresh food.

If beaches are your thing, then you can take great pleasure knowing you’re right by the Mediterranean Sea. A city rich in historical value, you can find lots of Morocco tour operators who will show you all of the city’s most popular and unusual sightings.

The Famous Casablanca

Located in western Morocco, Casablanca is famously Morocco’s largest city. Here you can find everything from deep Moroccan history to tasty Moroccan food and fine dining. Being the financial hub of Morocco you can expect to see lots of wealth within the area, making it a great city if you like spotting fancy cars or admiring expensive houses and apartments.

Casablanca offers many Morocco travel tours, giving you the opportunity to travel around the rest of the country exploring what it has to offer. You can also get to the desert easily with some of the best Morocco desert tours you can find.

Where Else Can I Visit?

Morocco offers many beautiful cities, towns and villages to visit throughout your stay. Morocco tour operators can be found throughout many of Morocco’s most popular cities and offer a range of excursions both throughout the cities and into the desert.