The Magical Sahara Desert

Morocco Desert Tour – The Magical Sahara Desert Awaits!

Morocco is known as the Land of Dunes, and for a good reason. It's teeming with eye-catching deserts brimming with dunes of glowing sand. Only a few places can match the "wow" factor of the warm sands of the Sahara Desert. Morocco's crown jewel dominates the eastern and southern corners of the country, boasting undulating dunes of sun-baked sands and extensive plains.


Spanning a whopping nine million square kilometres, the Sahara is the world's largest and most prominent desert. It's also one of the points of pride for the Moroccans and a must-see for any visitor to the North African country. Lucky for you, we offer the best Morocco desert tours highlighted by commentary from one of our expert local guides.

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Best morocco desert tours

Best Morocco Desert Tours

If you've always wanted to experience the Sahara like never before, you're in for a special treat when you book our stunning Morocco desert tours. You will explore through the endless expanse of the desert decorated with date trees and palm groves. Our desert excursions include camel trekking over the warm dunes and taking a break in traditional Berber tents.


Watch beautiful sunsets as the Sahara sun unleashes a drop-gorgeous display of orange, red, and pink in a contrasting array. If that isn't wowing enough, the full moon will take over the starry, cool nights. What more could you ask for beyond calm, peace, and beauty in the middle of a breezy desert?


How about enjoying a mouth-watering Moroccan delicacy cooked over a roaring campfire? Our Morocco desert tours can be tailored to match the trip of your dream. Our mission is to help you explore the desert and its beauty at your pace and rhythm. We’ll help you traverse a terrain like no other – unbridled by fences, borders, or roads. Experience nature’s beauty at its best!

Best Zagora Desert Tour

Spending a day or night immersing yourself in the true beauty of the Zagora stone desert is a diverse, exciting, and invigorating experience in and of itself. This is a bucket-list adventure for groups, families, and solo travellers in Morocco. You can experience the desert on camelback, buggy, or 4x4, helping sate all your desires and enjoy every minute of the enormous challenge.


Highlights of this Morocco desert tour include stops at historical sites like Kasbah Aït Benhaddou, kasbahs & fortresses of Drâa valley, and the palm groves of the city of Zagora. The whole experience is something out of this world!

Best morocco desert tours
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Best Merzouga Desert Tour

Echo-centric landscapes, trails of fennec paws, and five-kilometre-long dunes – welcome to the photogenic Merzouga desert, a 360-degree change of scenery and oasis of serenity in Morocco. We're among the tour operators to the Morocco desert of Merzouga. Our Merzouga Morocco desert tours promise the moon, the sun, the sand … you catch my drift?

Are You Ready for the Most Exciting Morocco Desert Tour?

Our Morocco travel package will have you experiencing the climber’s haven at Todra, the gorgeousness that is Erfoud city, the singing dunes of Merzouga, and the beautiful stone desert of Zagora – just to name a few spotlights. Moroccan hospitality is the icing on the cake, bringing local treats like tagine, sweet mint tea, and more to the table.


What are you waiting for? Book your Morocco desert tour with us and expect nothing short of magical.